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If you are not concerned about America’s economic present, future and the security of your investments – it’s time to WAKE UP! Conservative Talk Show host John Labunski has a mission and that is to WAKE UP AMERICA.

john labunski, john labunski dallas, retirement wealth talk radioJohn spreads the word daily from his Houston studio through his nationally syndicated Retirement Wealth Talk Radio program. He didn’t always have such a platform. Ever wonder, ”Okay God, are you sure about your plan for me here on this earth?,” and then things turn out like it had been scripted that way? Well, that’s Dallas resident John Labunski’s story. He was just a normal guy showing others the lessons he had learned about safe retirement investments, never thinking he would be an integral part of a new wave of investment strategies that is sweeping the nation. He is showing the way for Americans to “Obama Proof” their retirement. Over THREE TRILLION DOLLARS has been moved to the safe money Markets—that’s 11% of our nation’s assets! Experts predict that number will increase to 29% due to baby boomers and retirees "Catching the Wave". John wants you to be part of that wave and that’s why this conservative talk show host is on the air!

It all began to change in 2005, when John Labunski was helping a friend with his 401k, IRA’s and some business protection needs. He was excited about what John was showing him, and stated that he had looked everywhere and no one showed him safety and security… only risk.; At the end of the meetings he asked John for a favor… ”John, would you be on my radio show this weekend?”… John’s life changed and the rest is history! And, luckily, the lives of hundreds of like-minded listeners also changed. Every weekend more people hear the good news, in John’s own words. ”You do not have to have risk in your retirement to have your retirement Dream”.

Not only did John’s radio career begin to take off, his office was #1 with the largest provider in the retirement market that next year, and the next, and the next! He more than “talks” about what to do – Labunksi lives it! John Labunski was not the first conservative on talk radio preaching about “Protecting” your retirement instead losing it in stocks, bonds and mutual funds all day, day after day. Especially not the first from the Dallas or Houston area. Back then, that was about all that was on talk radio--talk shows where people would call in and ask “funny” questions like…

“I have six mutual funds in my IRA… and lost over $100,000 last year… again”. The host would then say “and Bill what is your question?” And Bill would pause (as if this was some novel situation, but the same questions were being asked day after day)… and then add… “which six mutual funds do you think I should switch to?”

John uses the word “funny” to describe this not so humorous typical scenario. Who better to explain this dichotomy than John Labunski himself…

“I say funny, when that is not really funny. The funny part is somehow we all accept the risk, and the loss! People all make the same mistakes… but people only think about the stock market and banks for their hard earned, non-replaceable retirement accounts it took 40 years to build! Thank God for talk radio… I can get the message out that there is so much more to retirement, Great News!

John Labunski cares about people and protecting their hard earned assets—he wants to help! He has seen the fear in people’s eyes when they’ve come to him to tell him what they’ve lost—and whether or not the rest can be saved and protected.

John Labunski grew up in Chicago and has three grown children and two granddaughters who currently live in Dallas, Texas.

Dallas Texas Resident John Labunski

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