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Turn of Events

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John Labunski’s background provided just what was required for the success he enjoys today. Solid American roots, respect of the law, trust in God, and the education to guide him on the journey through Corporate America, he was poised to become the conservative voice of safe money reason. But the stakes are so high, it’s not something he whispers about. His passionate trademark cries, “Do the right thing always, not try to do the next thing right!” and “Zero loss! Ever! By any client due to market!”

john labunski, john labunski dallas, retirement wealth talk radioBy 1999 many thought their investments and strategies were as bullet proof as the stock market,--back in the Dot Com and Silicone Valley era. But Superman had Kryptonite were right around the corner, as the IRS is waiting for most seniors to transfer their wealth (and the IRS is #1 on beneficiary list).

2000, 2001 and 2002 were rude awakenings for most, John included. He allowed his broker to lose big, and heard the words “that is the market--“it will come back”. Then “it’s too late now-- you can’t leave your loss on the table” and then after 9-11 the BIG LIE “this is the best buying opportunity in History” followed by 25% plus losses in the markets in 2002. Three years of hard lessons and losses. Years that reminded him that sometimes your greatest asset is common sense. Remember, investing is BUY LOW, SELL HIGH, no matter what somebody else tells you to do with your money. It’s your money! Why risk it?

Although John’s own losses were hard to take, another loss hit him even harder. “Mom--she lost 45% in variable annuities in 2000 – 2002". Her adviser said “we all lost big, it’s the market”. I should have asked… a.) did you lose money? (you’re not very good at this), b.) if you did not lose, then why did we, or c.) you don’t have any money, then why manage others. If advisors were that successful, they would not need to work with my money… they would use their own!

These were the kind of epiphanies that began to shape John Labunski's "safe money" retirement perspectives. He knew ‘status quo’ and 'me too" was not the answer. Someone had to make radical changes in the way we look at retirement investments, and there were lessons to be learned. The easy way would have been to have taken the $Million signing bonus and sell out to the stock market… but millions of Americans were getting financially abused in the markets! Someone had to be the first to find some solutions.

John sums it up best in his own words, “No one cares more about your money than you do. Now get your assets up off the couch and get to work. Retirement Planning is not painful or intensly difficult, it is actually pretty easy with the right tools. Wake Up America... your retirement Dream is right around the corner. All you have to do is call, and get edcuated how Zero can become your Hero."

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